Contact Us

We are a member-run union, and we want to hear from you. 

President, Anna Sheppard, 612-543-8434, email

Vice-President, Ashley Bieber, 612-543-6295, email

Membership Secretary, Suzi Stephenson, 612-543-5639, email

Recording Secretary, Urban Landreman, 612-348-2283, email

Treasurer, Lisa Kjellander, 612-543-6142, email


Angel Gardner-Kocher, 612-543-6860, email
James Nicholson, 612-543-5651, email
Margit Wilson, 612-543-6910,  email

Your Union Stewards
Jim Ahrens, Principal Planning Analyst 612-348-9251,  email
Angel Gardner-Kocher, Librarian, 612-543-6860, email
Penny Johnson, Librarian, 612-543-8757, email
James Nicholson, 612-543-5651, email
Carrie Notch, Medical Examiner 612-215-6300, email
Margit Wilson, 612-543-6910, email