Local 2864 Member Resources

If you are an employee for one of the job classes represented by AFSCME Local 2864 and want to sign up to join, here are the steps you can take:

Any prospective member can go to  https://members.afscmemn.org/ to log into MemberLink. If you are not yet a member, the site will “ask” you to sign an electronic version of the normal membership card that we’re usually able to work with as a paper copy.

Some resources for you include:

AFSCME Local 2864 Contract 2022-2024

Meeting minutes

Local 2864 Constitution

Local 2864 Committees

Duties of the officers of Local 2864

Get Involved flyer

Sign Up for Emails (to a non-work email address; more information than you get at work, max 2-3 emails per month)