Local 2864 votes to accept 2022-2024 contract

Members of Local 2864 voted to accept the County's proposed contract for 2022-2024.

This means that after the current contract expires on 12/31/2021, Local 2864 will be under a new contract (the county's last, best, final offer), effective 1/1/2022-12/31/2024.

Local 552 (Probation Officers), Local 1719 (Corrections), and Local 2938 (Legal & Essential) have also voted to accept the county's offer.

Locals 34 (Human Services/Social Work) and Local 2822 (Clerical) have voted to reject and authorize a strike.

This means that Local 34 and Local 2822 could possibly go on strike while Local 2864's members are under a contract. The contracts for Local 34 and Local 2822 have to expire and then there will be a 10 day cooling-off period where the county and the union may come to the table and renegotiate. If an agreement isn't made, the members of Local 34 and Local 2822 could go on strike as soon as January 11th. They may not go on strike at the same time or make the same decisions as each local is autonomous.

Since the members of Local 2864 have agreed to a contract, the members will be under the "no strikes, no lockouts" clause meaning that sympathy strikes (not crossing the picket line) is illegal and workers could be subject to discipline up to and including termination.